Strategic Consultation

HES Consulting has vast experience in laying business strategies, implementing them in organizations and establishing the infrastructure that allows their fulfilment:

Laying business strategies

Creating plans for penetration into new markets

Locating and identifying strategic collaborations

Deliver content and performance improvement workshops

Accompaniment and training for the managerial level

*The HES Consulting Motivational Circle is a self-propelled power circle. Would you like to know how to ignite it? How to create self-propelled motivation in your organization and in life itself?

Why HES Consulting? Because of the quick results!

  1. Our strategic consulting starts with thorough diagnosis, practical workplan and implementation in the field. Hence, we deliver quick short-term results while building the infrastructure for the long-term.
  2. Our vast knowledge and experience in diverse activity areas allow up to answer to all position-holders in an organization, starting with CEOs all the way to the people on the field. We support and accompany processes in the areas of management, administration, branding, operations, marketing, sales, etc.
  3. The implementation of such strategies includes, among others, aligning trainings throughout the organization and leading processes in various areas, starting with creating a vision, adjusting the organizational structure, managing work processes, holding workshops for the managerial level, and creating reward plans, strategy planning, marketing messages and tools to increase sales and market share.
  4. Holistic approach combined with the correct methods and enrolment of all teams provides fast results, beyond expectations, for the short and the long term.

Organizations of various industries and activity scopes usually lack support in vision, goals, missions, and targets. This resembles navigating without a destination and a map. In the long term, the prosperity and profitability of an organization are directly related to the accuracy, clarity and assimilation of the goals, targets, missions, and vision among all organization members.

  • If one of your goals is to lead your field
  • If your leaders know what end-profit they aim to at yearend, but don’t know how to motivate people into making it happen
  • If your vision is stated as a mission and the different departments have no goals and targets
  • If your organizational goals are not SMART
  • If your managers don’t share your vision and don’t know what their goals and targets are

This is where we come in.

And what about the organizational atmosphere?

Do you have an atmosphere of teamwork?

What is the level of personal motivation among team members?

Do people feel they fulfil their potential?

Are orders given from above or formed using a managerial or team MASTER MIND?

Are your managers being leaders and role models?

Where to start?

Schedule a counselling appointment and from there… even the sky is not the limit…

* Knowledge without implementation is unfulfilled potential – the major part of all our workshops is the practical implementation of content, while precising performance for maximum effectiveness. 

** We accompany our clients via various accompaniment programs. Following a fast and precise diagnosis of the current situation, we prepare a workplan to reach the desired goal while maximizing business potential beyond expectations.