Setting Goals and Managing Feedback

It works like magic – when you know how to set clear goals and provide effective tools for their fulfilment – you reach high and far, way beyond expectations.

Team members must have all the specific knowledge with regards to their goals and targets in a methodic, clear, and easy to implement way. In the Goal Setting workshop, we simplify things and see how the organization takes a quantum leap forward! Only when we know where we’re going, when, how and when we’ll get there, we’ll arrive at our destination.

One of the most common models for setting goals and managing their fulfilment is the SMART model for business conduction. Managing goals without the SMART model is like entering a supermarket (physical or virtual) without a shopping list:

  • You buy unnecessary stuff – invest energy in tasks that don’t forward you towards your goals
  • You forget essential stuff – lose focus on the predefined goals
  • Deliberation between alternatives is time consuming – we are drawn into time consumers due to lack of focus or preplanning, etc.…

Researches show that the mare action of putting your goals in writing raises the probability of their fulfilment in over 50%. Writing down your short-term and long-term goals using the SMART model significantly increases the feasibility of their fulfilment.

For most people, two of the most important needs are certainty and challenge. Using the SMART model to write down goals complies with the need for certainty by defining the target relevant for the overarching goal, the vision, and the strategy we would like to fulfil. The goal is defined in a simple, measurable, and attainable way, adding the element of feasibility. The sense of ability and challenge intensify and setting a time frame clearly defines when to start and when you can mark it with a V – done! Would you like to move forward quickly towards fulfilling your goals, feeling efficient and satisfied? This is the time to become an expert in setting goals and fulfilling them.

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