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Our Clients...

“I had a lot of experience with business collaborations and strategic counsellors. I generally knew what to expect and what will be the products. When I met Hila Semelsol, I thought she was nice, enthusiastic, and initiative just to impress me as a client. Following a few intense months of work, I realized she was always punctual, deep, sees the large picture while going into details, with the highest work ethics! Hila holds the rarest combination in Israel – a polite go-getter, kind, honest and caring. If I will ever need strategic counselling in the future, no matter in what field, it will be extremely hard to choose another professional, because Hila taught me what is real strategic consulting, that actually promotes and forwards your company!!!”

“I met Hila over 10 years ago. She excelled in managing, holds deep understanding of company goals and delivers messages in a precise and effective way. She is an asset to any organization.

In the past two years, Hila trained the teams I lead in various aspects: advertisement, sales & marketing and accomplished high achievements and improved performance, both on the personal and the professional levels.

Using the tools provided in the trainings: effective presentation and effective communication, the teams now know exactly which marketing messages to convey, deliver them simply and clearly, influence the target audience and fulfil their goals.

One of Hila’s unique skills is her ability to lead a group in an interesting way, that drives action. She is also incredible in empowering team members using personal mentoring, regardless of the field the marketing or sales teams come from. My teams reached peak performance and achievements following a few meetings. She is highly recommended!”

“I met with Hila when I took my first steps as an independent business owner, following a presentation she gave, which left me impressed. I knew intuitively that she can teach me a lot on business conduct and business development, and she proved me right! She really helped me understand the essence of my business (the automation field – a new area that required developing the market), how to communicate it and how to handle leads and clients using the best business practices. Hila was always attentive to my needs, business wise and mental, strengthened them and always arrived at meetings with creative ideas on how to forward and develop my business. She was my best partner and gave me the boost I needed to get on track.”

“Hila Semelsol is a God gifted speaker. Her professionalism and strictness are accompanied with extraordinary pleasantness.”

Dr. Adar Mann
Dental Studies Center, School of Dentistry 2012-2020, Tel Aviv University

“This is the second time Hila trains my entire dentistry medical team. I would like to thank her and show my appreciation. Her lecture presents a broad view of the topics raised and gives you a lot to think about and implement. She delivers the content professionally, pleasantly and in an extremely interesting way. I highly recommend her lectures!”

Dr. Lucian Radowitz
Maccabi-Dent Clinic Manager, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv

“Hila is a gifted speaker. Last year she accompanies our youth and adult teams, in bi-weekly workshops during the 4 months preceding the Israel Swimming Championship. I have no doubt Hila played an essential role in our achievements as a group and each swimmer personally. In addition, as a coach Hila had helped me to develop myself in managing the swimming academy, both on the professional and the business-organizational levels.

If you aspire a process of change and to improve yourself personally and business wise – she is highly recommended!”

“It’s very rare to find someone that combines strategic view with thinking outside of the box. Hila Semelsol is an example for a charismatic entrepreneur with the ability to move people forward and realize their potential.

Beyond her business capabilities and strategic view, Hila brings to the table humanity and sensitivity that everybody benefits from. She has an incredible ability to take content, summarize it, precise it and structure presentations suitable for the client’s needs.

She is one of the strongest women I ever met, and I believe that any project she is part of will reach the highest peaks. I recommend working with someone like Hila, a person that can look forward, think creatively and lead complex processes in an organized manner. Thanks to the work we performed together, I still use and enjoy the knowledge and tools that I received. Thank you for being you. You are special.”