International Business Culture – How do you understand it?

In a global world, international management skills have become a basic administrative tool for managers. Even though the world became “flat” and in spite of the expending direct global commerce, countries still identify with their unique business culture. Israeli work teams and managers working with foreign cultures and wish to generate greater success are invited to experience one of the most effective tools in understanding and learning foreign business cultures.

Around the globe, one of the most common causes for failure in transactions is culture gaps: business and organizational. This is also one of the causes for failure in global mergers and acquisitions, since the business and organizational culture are languages in every way. In order to move forward towards fulfilling our goals, we have to “speak” them.

What shapes the busines culture in a foreign market? How can you identify cultural gaps? What actions should you take to “speak” a foreign culture?

You’ll learn all of the above and much more in the fascinating workshop on international business cultures.

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