Effective Communication: Influence, Agreement, and Collaborations

Communication is the key for influence, agreement, and effective collaborations inside an organization and outside of it. As in any relationship, communication is at the heart of the matter. As corny as it may sound, we do business with people and success in business is highly dependent on effective communication. Effective communication can create and preserve personal and professional relationships that lead to trust, mutual respect, and winning partnerships.

The term “communication” includes verbal and non-verbal communication, body language and influence capabilities.

Some elements to communication between people are the words chosen, tone of voice, communication style, gestures, facial expressions, body language and what’s in the unsaid… it all comes through in communication.

In this workshop you will gain unique communication skills that will allow you to influence people you interact with. You will practice techniques for dealing with situations of no agreement and understand how you can create agreement.

Have you ever experienced gaps in communication? Do you know what your communication style is and how you can adjust it to different communication styles? What is right and wrong in communicating with people? How can you influence your interlocutor? How to create agreement even when you don’t agree? You’ll learn all of the above and more in the Effective Communication workshop.

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