CIP China-Israel

In 2015, China and Israel signed a collaboration agreement in the field of innovation. Ever since, many industrial parks were built in the Jiāngsū district, hosting Israeli companies that wish to operate in the Chinese market.

Penetrating the Chinese market poses many challenges: significant cultural gaps between China and Israel, especially on the busines level, in addition to financial risk considerations, regulatory complexity, different business perception, expensive time management and other complexities that accompany the penetration into the Chinese market.

Where do we come in?

In collaboration with Vilnai Consulting – a company deeply rooted in the Chinese market that holds extensive ties with the government – we provide business and strategic accompaniment for companies wishing to operate in the Chinese market, using multiple penetration strategies.

Following an analysis of the business potential, we examine the correlation between the company and the program suggested by the CIP, to form a suitable strategy plan.

The strategy is adapted to the goals of the Israeli company and the plan, that includes grants provided by the Israeli and the Chinese governments, creates commitment on both sides, the Israeli and the Chinese, to maximize the process and its success.

What is the correct timing to start planning penetration into the Chinese market? About a year or two before the actual penetration date.

Why? What plan can we offer you?