An organization stands on 3 legs – Its Vision, its Goals and its Targets

Our experience in the business field taught us that many companies aspire achieving goals, without taking the time to understand in what direction they are storming, what is the big picture and what is the path for the next 8 or 20 years (vision).

There is great confusion between the essence of the vision and the mission & targets, as well as the difference between the two. Sometimes the vision is stated as a task, completely missing the big picture, since in the business world, the vision represents the destiny and connects the organizational human capital to the top values and the path the organization is paving.

The organizational mission is important, because it serves as an umbrella from which we derive the long-term strategy, with precision and defining borders. An accurate strategy allows to set short-term goals that will lead to the fulfilment of the mission and align with the vision. Sounds complex? Not really! Using a simple and collective process we dream big and phrase the dream as a sustainable reality that breaks into missions and goals. And from there – the sky is the limit…

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